An aural chameleon, Kordarius (Kris Cordero – previously known as Delta IX) can change and be comfortable moving within his wide spectrum of auditory experience. If left to his choice, Kordarius leans toward an industrial techno sound with a psychedelic edge when playing out but classical instrumentals and jazz standards, heavy metal and rock hits, dubby downtempo and groovy house music are always playing in daily rotation. Drawing from his 10+ years involved in various elements of the Audio/Visual landscapes to craft his sets into a cohesive unit capable of bringing you to your feet aides in Kordarius’ skillful transformation from exhibit to experience. Kordarius has experience in musical theater and attended courses for audio engineering before discovering his abilities in the DJ arena and most recently joining long time friend, Greasy Monk, to form Rocky Mountain Resonance Ltd., a collective aimed at progressive psychedelic culture.

TechNectar – Delta IX – 20151208

TechNectar – Delta IX – 20150901

Lunatech – Delta IX – 20150606

TechNectar – Delta IX – 20141223