Greasy Monk

Greasy Monk

Ian King is a Colorado native with a passion for music that extends far into the past, spanning a multitude of genres. With an approach and outlook that is characteristically different to most, he brings to the table a very deep curiosity to explore the depths of acoustic ecology.

His journey through the soundscape has recently lead him to team up with long time friend, Delta IX, to form their own production company known as Rocky Mountain Resonance. In 2011 (to present) he joined Sculpted Sound Productions; Colorado’s premier psychedelic music and arts collective at the time, which has since evolved and now only remains active in California.

As a musical drifter, his re-inspired love for house and techno has left his musical style being described as distinctive with a downright funky groove. Entwining different combinations of deep and progressive composition, his focus is to craft his sets to break down boundaries and get your soul dancing.



Greasy Monk – TechNectar 20150818

Greasy Monk – TechNectar 20150203

Greasy Monk – TechNectar 20141028

Greasy Monk vs. Delta IX 20140513