Hailing from Colorado, Robert Cox has been rumbling dance floors since 1999. Finding love for the feel of vinyl and the progressive beat, he began his work honing his sound. Early influences include artists such as Rabbit in the Moon, Hardkiss, Sasha & Digweed, and Nick Warren to name a few.

Playing as Metatron from Phoenix, AZ for 13 years, he learned his craft along side his friends and crew mates from Liquid Media Music and Dirt Assasinz. Teaming up with long time friend DJ Yello in 2005 to work as a duo, they killed crowds with their driving breakbeat sound until 2008.

Going back to his roots and with a deeper sound, he has since moved to Colorado with a new name and new purpose. Enoch’s sound resonates throughout the mountains

TechNectar – Enoch – 20160216 ┬áCOMING SOON!

TechNectar – Enoch – 20150120

TechNectar pt1- Enoch – 20140902

TechNectar pt2 – Enoch – 20140902