eNdo is short for (E)ric Gali(ndo): a humanoid prototype never meant for mass production. A product of the Nintendo generation, his cyborganic roots grow ever so deeply in the realms of electronic music and digital media. He is a true technophile; having grown up in a world of emerging technologies such as computers, the internet, video games, and electronic music.
Formally trained in digital media arts, eNdo is both an audio and visual artist. He has been conjuring home grown digital video art for over ten years and has established himself as a well known VJ in the North American psytrance scene. His distinct recipes for creating original beat-driven video art have engaged dance floors across America and is continually being refined. Having been a long time student of visual arts, eNdo utilizes technology in non-traditional ways to create immersive visual projections designed to take you on a journey from the infinite realms of the microcosm to the furthest reaches of the macrocosm and beyond. Connecting ancient esoteric imagery with the digital visions of the future, eNdo’s art sheds light on the ever evolving landscape of the human imagination. Seamlessly morphing organics, metaphysical imagery and hyperactive data visualizations are just a small sample of the visuals that you can expect.

In 2007, eNdo began to branch out into the world of DJ’ing with the long-term goal of creating a fully integrated audio-visual aspect of creative expression through technology. With influences in house, techno, glitch, and psytrance, he presents an atypical blend of techy beats fused with psychedelia and funky bass-lines. Not locked down to any particular sound, his mixes blur the lines of genres while maintaining a distinct style.

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ericg64420/videos
Vimeo – http://vimeo.com/stimulateproductions

Mixcloud – http://www.mixcloud.com/eNdo9


eNdo – TechNectar 20150414

eNdo – TechNectar 20140916